Ladder Mat

Four mats, made from heavy-duty rubber
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Four mats, made from heavy-duty rubber matting with nodules, are linked by a sturdy metal loop and offer adjustable anti-slip blocking to go under the ladder foot needing extra height. Or can be put under both feet to reduce the risk of slipping or sinking into soft ground.


  • Each mat: 24 x 17 x 2 cm

  • Height with 1 mat: 20 mm
  • Height with 2 mat: 32 mm
  • Height with 3 mat: 45 mm
  • Height with 4 mat: 60 mm
Ladder Mat
Brand, Make Indupro
Material Rubber
Length -
Width -
Height -
Particularity Kombinierbar
Scope of delivery Set mit 2 Unterlegplatten links und rechts
Variant -
Weight 1.90 kg

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