Telefly platform stepladder

Adjustable telescopic platform stepladder with 360° guardrail protection
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Combines all the features of a telescopic ladder with those of a stepladder

Getting a mix of maneuverability, portability and safety that cannot be found in other models. Thanks to the telescopic system you can get different working heights on each of the 2 models and can be used on stairs or steps. It allows easy transportation and can be opened in seconds.

  • Reinforced non-skid aluminum platform (49x44 cm) with anti-opening system and 10 cm toeboards
  • PVC reinforced non-skid rubber feet with ergonomic design
  • Non-skid steps 27 x 27 mm
  • Safety steel/nylon hooks for telescopic elevation
  • 100 cm guardrail
  • Enlarged base (maximum stability)
  • It stands when closed (thickness 31 cm)
  • Patented foldable handrails
  • Climbing ramp 55 cm
  • Transport locking strap
  • Steel opening hinges
Telefly platform stepladder
4+3 6+4
Brand, Make SVELT
Classification Professional use
Material Aluminium
Design of treads Rungs
Number of steps 4 + 3 6 + 4
Reach height max. 3.50 m 4.30 m
Working height 3.00 m 3.80 m
Standing height 1.50 m 2.30 m
Total vertical height 2.15 m 2.73 m
Platform size 57 x 44 cm
Step spacing 28 cm
Step depth 27 mm
Width 80 cm
Base length 160 cm (max.) 217 cm (max.)
Ascent One-sided
Telescopable Yes
Use in stairs possible Yes
Ladder feet Riveted
Tool-holder Integrated tray
Transport wheels 2 Stück (d = 15 cm)
Particularity Verstellbereich: 50 cm Verstellbereich: 80 cm
Load max. 150.00 kg
Certifications EN 131
Weight 17.50 kg 23.80 kg

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